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Angliskas laiskas pavyzdys. Angliskas laiskas draugui is londono. Motyvacinis laiskas apie darba angliskai. Anglu pasakojimas apie atostogas. Motyvacinis laiskas anglu kalba pavyzdys. Anglu laiskas draugui is londono. Angliskas emailas draugui. Motyvacinis laiskas anglu kalba. Motyvacinis laiskas job. Laiskas draugui apie londona angliskai.

I was engaged by your offer, because it is an opportunity to work in your company and to apply the acquired knowledge realizing the aims of your company.

I started my career with simple students’ jobs, but as I entered Vilnius Pedagogical University and started studying English philology, I started looking for a job where I could practice my English speaking and reading skills. I was working as an interviewer in a Joint Stock Company “PBMH”, as a translator in Joint Stock Company “ Fotonija”.
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