Music anglų rašinys apie muziką

Anglu kalbos rasinys apie muzika. Anglu monologas apie muzika. Apie muzika anglu kalba. Anglu pasakojimas apie muzika. Rasinys i like rock music. Music rasinys. Anglu kalbejimas muzika. Monologas apie muzika. Anglu rasinys apie patinkancia muzika. Apie muzika rasinys.


It goes without saying, as for me, music plays an important role in my life for a few reasons. Firstly, when I am listening to music I can relax after a hard day at school and escape from everyday problems. Secondly, music allows me to improve my listening skills in English greatly. Thirdly, it is great fun to listen to music when you get together with friends or throw parties at home.

To begin with, speaking about the kinds of music I am keen on most, I am particularly fond of classical, country, and reggae music mainly because these kinds of music are relaxing, catchy and even help to improve my mood. I prefer listening to Michael Jackson’s songs mostly, since he is the king of the pop music and above all his music is still very popular worldwide. However, I don’t like heavy metal as well as rock for a number of reasons. First, such music hurts my ears as it’s too load.

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