Music in the Great Britain

Introduction. History. Early Music. Baroque music. Classical Music. Folk music. English folk music. Scottish Folk music. Welsh folk music. Modern Times. Music in Britain from 1920s to the 1990s. Modern Genres. The most important genres. Pink Floyd. The Greatest Songs. Conclusion. Literature.

The Great Britain was and still is one of the most influential countries in the music area. Even though the modern trends of contemporary music mostly come from the United States of America, Britain still manages to give birth to well-known, talented artists and composers. Britain, along with the US, was the main contributor in the development of rock and roll, and has provided some of the most famous bands, including The Beatles and many others. Even though Britain is more famous for pop music or pop rock than classical composers or jazz music, it can be proud of the variety of genres that they have- from folk or church music to heavy metal or punk. Britain was at the forefront of punk music in the 1970s with bands such as the Sex Pistols and The Clash, and the subsequent rebirth of heavy metal with bands such as Motorhead and Iron Maiden. So in this paper I'm going to talk about the British music in all aspects including the most significant genres, history and origin of British music, artists, who are considered the best artists of all time and, of course, the exclusivity of the British music itself. Many may ask, why this is important, but British music, as well as any other music is the huge part of the country's art and most importantly, culture.

It cannot be denied that Britain has a rich musical history with phenomenal composers and influence to the music of all of the world.

Comparing with the historical development of the British music, the modern times have an enormous diversity of instruments, techniques and genres.

Britain can be proud to call herself the mother or the spreader of some of the most important and popular music genres such as punk or heavy metal. However, some of the genres of British music are derived from USA and other countries such as Jamaica, France or Scandinavian countries.

Pop- the definition of this genre is very simple- any kind of music that is popular at a particular time. It is a light, usually entertaining genre, that does not carry any significant meaning. What is more, pop music usually contains lyrics about the problems, that the whole society cares about. Because of that, pop music may seem straightforward and plain, but it can be expressed in various forms and even fuse with other genres such as jazz, folk, hip-hop or rock. The most famous bands and performers: The Police, Spice Girls, Phil Collins...

British pop was influenced by the United States, and British musicians began to create their own version of popular music. That collision of American and British pop eventually resulted in the creation of new genre called rock 'n roll.

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