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Music festivals. What are music festivals? Pythian games. Most popular music festivals today. Coachella. TOmorrowland. Ultra. GlastonBury. Music festivals in Lithuania. Recommendations? (Put recent festivalThank you for your attention!

Music festivals are in no doubt a lot more modest than other worldwide festivals. Some of the most popular festivals in Lithuania: Devil’s Stone It is an open air festival of heavy music and the organizers expect that this festival will attract lovers of extreme music, wild energy and untraditional self-expression. First Devil’s Stone took place in 2012 and it is expected that it will also take place in 2015 Tamsta Music Festival The Tamsta Music is exceptional for its program which is dedicated to live performances. Although the main pride of this festival is a collection of the best Lithuanian musicians. Many have missed this festival since 2013 and want it to be held in 2015.

There is going to be a huge music festival taking place in Estonia called Weekend. It is going to be the largest EDM music festival in Baltic states ever! There will be many known performers such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Hardwell, Showtek, Robin Schulz and many more. If you are an EDM fan I really recommend this festival!

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