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Our employees and the initial capital. The name and logo of company. Location of our company. Are we eco – friendly company ? Our company offer a service. More about employees. Stress managed in our company and financial crisis.

OUR EMPLOYEES AND THE INITIAL CAPITAL Our company employs thirty workers, most of them engaged in the company's internal affairs. Nine of them are engaged in the main activity of the company, to prepare a final product for sale. We have four cleaners, three watchful, as well as five bouquets carriers. The remaining nine just engaged in document management, accounting, and other administrative matters.

Start a business, we had accumulated almost half of the required amount, the amount collected thanks to other sponsors, so now successfully cooperate.

THE NAME AND LOGO OF COMPANY The company was given a "Emilly" name. Name History is very simple, perhaps a coincidence, but the two company founders middle name was Emily, and they decided that it was probably the perfect name for their business.

This logo is visible company name, around visible patterns associated with flowers, vegetation - our company's core business element.

LOCATION OF OUR COMPANY We our service company location chose the center of Vilnius, because it is quite visible and accessible place. Although there is enough space for rent in a large, but reap a lot of customers and it pays off with kaupu.

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