My dream Cafe „Domi“

My dream Cafe „Domi“.

Cafes title connected would relates to my son and future children name’s.

Cafe location would be beautiful and quiet area. In territory many flowers, fountain and children playground. That the children would be fun, the beautiful sunny day.

Café inside It would be unusual. My Café would not similar to other cafes, because It would be applied not only as a place where you can eat, but it would be a place where meaningful and can spend your free time.

Inside café it would be divided into several zones : children’s zone, play billiard and bar zone, privately comfortable zone and standard zone.

Of course, will be and an outdoor green terrace, where visitors can admire the beautiful day.

Advertising on the cafeteria would be the Internet, on the radio.

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  • My dream Cafe „Domi“
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