My dream holiday

My dream holidays. My dream holiday rasinys. My holidays rasinys. My holiday rasinys. My dream holiday lt. Anglu pasakojimas apie atostogas. My dream holidays skaidres. Holiday rasinys. My dream holiday 10kl rasinys. Rasinys my holiday.

Anglų namų darbas. My dream holiday. Anglų kalbos namų darbas - rašinys apie svajonių atostogas.

My dream holiday I spend in Croatia, in the middle of summer. I want to spend it with my family. I wish be in Croatia even about two weeks. The main activity in this county suggest be to see as many sights as possible. Near the Adriatic Sea is few old and really spectacular cities. The most impressive probably is Dubrovnik. It is famous for its old town which build very close the sea.

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