My family like all seasons

My family like all seasons. By Kleopatra Vasilevskytė. My family in winter. We like winter, because in winter we have snow. When my sisters play I. Working. Because I’m busy as a bee. Winter weather. It was very cold and snowy day, the temperature was around – 20 °C. Christmas. Winter has got. Autumn. We love autumn. In this picture I am playing with my sisters in leaves. Autumn weather. In Autumn weather. Summer. Summer is my. Ice cream! In summer I. Summer weather. It was hot and sunny, but very windy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Temperature was 25 °C. Nuts, nuts, nuts!!! In summer you can see a squirrels. They likes nuts! Thank your for watching!

Winter has got holidays. One of them is Christmas. On this day children get presents. I like Christmas.

In Autumn weather sunny and windy, but often also raining. The temperature is around 10 -15°C.

Summer is my family’s favorite season. In summer I’m playing with my sisters, swimming and travel!

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  • My family like all seasons
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