My Favourite City Venice

My Favourite City. Venice. Teacher IT Gintarė Bernotaitytė. English Rasa Vilimienė. Student Eglė Lelešiūtė, 7d. Kaunas “ atžalynas” secoundary school. Kaunas. Introduction. Venice is one of Italy's top travel cities. Geographic. location. Venice is a. History. The city was. Places to visit. Piazza San Marco. Most tourists know Piazza San Marco as a large. Doge’s. Why should I visit Venice? Venice is one of Europe's most romantic cities.

Teacher: IT Gintarė BernotaitytėEnglish Rasa VilimienėStudent: Eglė Lelešiūtė, 7d.

The city was founded in the V century. Since the XIII century it became the most important port. The city was very famous for merchants and crafts. Also, Venice always traded with the Byzantine Empire and the Muslim world extensively. There lived some famous artists like Antonio Vivaldi and Carlo Goldoni.

Venice is one of Europe's most romantic cities. Also, there are many museums, magnificent palaces and churches. There are many things to do in the city. Every year, there is masks carnival in Venice.It’s the greatest city in the world!

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