My favourite profession (programmer)

Anglų skaidrės. Gymnasium. My favourite profession Powered by. Teacher. Content. Introduction (page 3). Introduction. Will tell you about the programmer profession. Job description. Computer programmers write step-by-step instructions that direct computers to process information. Everyday tasks. Fix errors and make sure the program is working correctly. Working conditions. Most programmers work a fourty hours per week. Education requirements. If you are. Have you to be very good at math ? People confuse of. The End. Thank you for your attention !

My favourite profession Powered by Teacher 2015.

Introduction (page 3). Job description (page 4). Everyday tasks (page 5). Working conditions (page 6). Education requirements (page 7). Have you to be very good at math ? (page 8).

I will tell you about the programmer profession.

If you are seeking programmer profession, you must have completed secondary school. Next you have to learn in college.

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  • My favourite profession (programmer)
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