My future personal goals

My future personal goals.

Hello, now I‘m going to talk about my personal goals. Well, firstly I‘ll comment the data of the chart. Next I'll tell you about my future goals. And finally, I'll tell you about management time minuses and pluses.. So, I would like to start.

Well, we see a char, which in shows what are the most important priorities in young people's lifes.

So, at least about 10% of the respondents gave the traveling. Next about 12-17% of people dedicated money, some of the respondents are significant having interesting job and of course other of the young peoples are important university education. And finally, two the most important things, which helds about 23-24% is socialising with friends and self realization. Speaking about me, I think that the most important priorities for me is self-realization and the making a lot of money, because when I having the money and knowing what I need, I‘ll be able to achieve my goals, I‘ll can finish school, college, of course, I‘ll able to find a job.

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  • My future personal goals
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