My house

Hello ! My name is Katya. Live in Vilnius. I live with my mum , sister and grandmother. D like to tell you about my home. The kitchen is also quite small. There is a microwave , stove , oven , electric kettle and fridge with a freezer.

I`d like to tell you about my home.In the year 1976 my great-grandma arrived from Russia in Lithuania and bought this house. After some time my great-grandma returned in Russia and gave the house to my grandmother.

I spend most of the time in my room It’s not only the place where I sleep. It can be a study for me when I do my homework .The wallpapers are white with light pink flowers. There is a rug on the floor. It is brown and I like it very much. I sleep on the couch of a dark color. Beside it stands a lamp with white shade.. In my room, there are case for clothing and some shelves with books. Opposite the window there is the computer table. Near the window there is a big mirror.. On the left of computer table  there is a chest of drawers. There are some photos of me my friends and family.

The kitchen is also quite small .There is a microwave, stove, oven, electric kettle and fridge with a freezer.In the corner there is a kitchen sink with a tap. Along the wall there are cupboards with cups, plates and other kitchenware. In my house there are so many flowers , grandmother loves them very much

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