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I am studying in Vilnius College of Technologies and design, in Faculty of Civil Engineering. My profession, which I chose fits my type of work. I chose to describe my workplace, in which I have been working for 10 years. This company provides for employees all social guarantees and salaries are paid on time.

YIT is leading company in constructions business area, which builds apartments and premises for business. Not only in Lithuania YIT is the largest housing construction company, but also in Finland and the biggest foreign-owned housing construction company in Russia.

The best known built buildings in Lithuania: Forum Palace, Siemens Arena, the Palace of Parliament, Library of Vilnius University, Ikea and Grand Office. This is one of the highest and most modern office buildings in the market of these days and first A-class energy efficiency office building in Lithuania.

YIT operates activity in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries and Central Eastern Europe. In 2012 income of the company amounted to about 2.0 billion euros. YIT works in seven countries and has more than 6,000 employees.

YIT's goal - to become a leading European real estate development and construction company that creates added value with great responsibility. It tries to improve the quality of their performance, customer service and offer its customers cutting-edge solutions for residential construction. Its success is based on qualified employees and continuous improvement.

YIT company was formed in the Grand Duchy of Finland in 1912, when Yleinen Insinooritoimisto (General Engineering Company) began water treatment station design and construction works in Porvoo. In 1926, the company acquired the legendary Ragnar Kreuger, the leader of innovative thinking and passionate collector of bird's eggs. After he took the governments "helm" he designed water treatment station the city of Pori for free and received a contract for the construction and turned YIT growth direction. His precepts - Persistence and innovation - and to keep it in today's YIT.

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