Mystical place Kaunas IX Fort

Kaunas IX Fort. This is one of the nine forts of Kaunas Fortress. Fort was used. People talking about IX Fort. Many people say that they hear the screams of prisoner. Fascism a memorial monument was built in.

Fort was used as a prison. There imprisoned political prisoners and Jews Nazi German occupation during the fort was used as a mass extermination On 28 October of 1941 In fort was the mass murder of the Jews On that day in accordance with the German report, killed 2007 men, 2920 women and 4273 children In total there were 50,000 people killed in 3 years Now here is a museum. Museum of the Nazi and Soviet genocide of historical artifacts, as well as material from the previous Ninth Fort in Kaunas and history.

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  • Mystical place Kaunas IX Fort
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