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Introduction. Oceania geography. Cooking and eating speculiarities. Oceania nutrition. Oceania diches. Vocabulary. Findins. List of references.

The population of the globe national dishes . Perfectly knowing the customs of their country , a person needs to know what their country is viewed as a good tone service may be unacceptable. The example of his own people can never be on the other deal fairly and objectively assess . About other countries culture and traditions can be addressed in the context of their environment. Everywhere appreciated the internal culture and tact. Tact helps to establish contacts. Therefore, in order to get to know the country's culinary subtleties , it is necessary personally acquainted with the indigenous way of life and customs.

Most of Oceania, cultivated plants came from Southeast Asia, Where Were domesticated numerous crops. They carried a Malay - Polynesians for millennia colonize the Pacific Islands .

Oceania variety of spices very low. The main flavor is salt . Often used as a seasoning in various seaweeds .

Oceania range of dishes - coconut juice , pickled uncooked fish, pork with spinach , coconut water , coconut milk , fruit wines (bananas, coconuts ) , white or colored rum , sometimes mixed with fruit juice ( pineapple , grapefruit and so on. ) or cane syrup.

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