Profesinė anglų kalba. Fundamental Concepts. Nanoelectronic Devices. Memory Storage. Novel Optoelectronic Devices. Quantum Computers. Energy Production. Medical Diagnostics. Vocabulary NR.

Nowadays, there a lot of modern electronics which made our life much more easier, but there is another electronics sphere called nanoelectronics, which is involving very fast and will make our everyday life even more easier.

First of all, text gives us definition about Nanotechnology and what it is. Also, from the beginning of the text we can find out, that nanoelectronics are sometimes considered as disruptive technology, because present candidates are significantly different from traditional transistors. Then, we can find short information about how Gordon Moore decreased sizes of transistors what, is very big achievement in electronics. However, it is very hard to produce such a tiny products.

Moreover, from the text given, we can learn about computer’s processors and that they are made by using nanotechnologies. Also, we can learn about processors materials and smallest transistor called MOSFET. In addition, we can also find information, about how memory storage devices where improved due nanotechnologies. Also, we can find out about technologies used by creating nano-devices.

Furthermore, we can learn about nanotechnologies in display, which let us create monitors with very low energy consumption. Then, we can find very short information about quantum computers. Also, we can find information about nanocomputers which is very small and powerful. The text also provides a list of where nanocomputers are used.

Finally, text gives us information about energy production using nanowires and other nanostructured materials with the to create cheaper and more effiecient solar cells. Also, text provides information bio-nano generator, which draws power from blood glucose in a living body, to create electricity. The average person's body could, theoretically, generate 100 watts of electricity using a bio-nano generator. However, this is still experimental. Also, text gives us short information about nanotechnologies in medical sphere.

All in all, this information given is very useful and informative for electronics specialist and people who are interested in electronics

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