Nature skaidrės apie gamtą

Nature. The work was done grade student. Nature - the natural world, which consists of a variety of plants. Natural Sciences. Natural Sciences Study. Biology science. Biology is the. Geological Sciences. Geology - the. Chemical science. Chemistry - the. Physics science. Physics - Nature. Thanks for Dems.

Natural Sciences : Study of nature, called natural sciences. Biology investigates wildlife - all the plants and animals and their interactions with other animals and with inanimate nature. Geology inanimate nature - rocks, minerals, mineral resources, their occurrence and formation conditions. Chemistry investigates the chemical elements and their compounds, as well as characteristics of the latter and reactions Physics investigates the matter and forces, their properties and interactions.

Biology is the science of wildlife, she laws. Life Science explores the structures of living organisms, functions, growth, origin, evolution, distribution and classification.

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  • Nature skaidrės apie gamtą
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