Nokia company description

A history with worldwide heritage. Always adapting. The story so far. Electronics go boom. Three become one. The mobile era begins. Good enough for gorbachev. A new direction. Name that tune. Listen now! Snake bites! On top of the world. Multi-tasking mobiles. One billion and counting. Treading lightly. A fresh face at the helm. A meeting of minds. BUSINESS ACTIVITIES (Production). Loundspeakers. Headsets. Cases covers (soft,hard,shell). Power data. Car set. Wireless charging. Tripartite perfection. Nokia stuff and structure. Nokia corporation structure. Nokia corporation financial status. (Q4 2011, January 26 2012 – Q3 2012, October 18 2012). Financial highlights. MARKETS (by continents). Major markets (countries), net sales. Share data. Segment information. Public relation and social life connection. Education. Nokia Mobile Mathematics. Surveying dengue fever in the amazon. Conclusion. Literature.

At the end of the day ,,Nokia corporation“ is still one of the greatest company in the world. Over fifteen decades Nokia transformed from a riverside paper mill in south-western Finland to a global telecommunications leader and number one brand in all world. Working along with biggest world telecommunications companies Nokia share her experience and create new ways to connect all world nations.

Connecting people is major goal of this company. Every day more than several millions people use Nokia products to connect and communicate, share new experience and create our world more comfortable.

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  • Nokia company description
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