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North german folklore. On Draumkvedet The Dream Vision contents , background and position today as a research object and a living tradition. Give an overview of folk song tradition in Norway , with most emphasis on the Scandinavian Medieval Ballad. Medieval Ballads. The song tradition contains tropes like these. Used literature.

On Draumkvedet (The Dream Vision): contents, background and position today as a research object and a living tradition.

At first I will try tell a little bit about Draumkvedet in the English it is The Dream Vision. This is the most famous folk song (or medieval ballad) in Norway. It is a vision poem in ballad style. This ballad is a real cultural treasure, there was no version of it known earlier as 19th century. So, the Dream Vision for the first time was recorded in the 1840’s by M. B. Landstad. This version is the most important ones because it was the first one, the unique one and sung by Maren Ramskeid. She lived in Telemark from where was found this ballad. Exactly from the small area of West- Telemark, where the ballad tradition was best preserved. Also, there are some hypothesizes that Draumkvedet is older, like sung in 17th century but as truth there are no evidence that it existed at that time. One interesting thing: there were no one who did not know some stanzas, but also there were anyone who knew the whole ballad.

Now let’s talk a few things about this unique ballad’s structure. As Landstad has published in his collection of Norwegian folk songs in Draumkvedet were 60 stanzas and it was selected from many variants. And also was noted that the theme of the ballad had been taken from pre – Reformation Catholicism. M. B. Landstad was not the only one who explored ballads and especially this one – The Dream Vision. There was a professor in Norway Moltke Moe of the University of Oslo who lectured on Norwegian ballads at the 1890’s and at that time he did some reconstruction of Draumkvedet, he did that because he wanted that the ballad would be more like the original so M. Moe corrected it and there left 52 stanzas. The professor changed the order of the stanzas, a number of words and also did the language more archaic. This makes the Dream Vision much more authentic.

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