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Norway. Officially the Kingdom. Places of Interest in Norway. Aker Brygge. Fram Museum. Eexhibited Norwegian traveler and explorer R. Laksforsen waterfall. In the central. Norway Traditions and customs. Food, meals and alcohol. Norwegians usually eat a quick lunch (bread. Manners. Keeping calm and not displaying strong emotions in public are common virtues in Norway. Norway culture. Literature - Norwegians read more books than any other people in the world. Historical personality. Knut Hamsun- Norwegian author. Edvard Hagerup Grieg- was a Norwegian composer and pianist. Famous people. Frida lyngstad- norwegian. JOHN CAREW- Norwegian football star who won numerous trophies in the Norwegian. Thank you for your attention ?

Officially the Kingdom of Norway.The name came from the North Germanic languages and means "northern way“.

Aker Brygge - The Norwegian capital of Oslo freestanding building in the historic center of the yard, which was reconstructed and transformed into a modern shopping and entertainment center.

In the central part of Norway, Nordland, Vefsn river trickling waterfall Laksforseno impresses with its ominous passage: a second waterfall runs off 700 m3 of water.

Literature - Norwegians read more books than any other people in the world. Theater - Norway has a number of theaters, including the National Theatre, Oslo, Bergen, Rogaland and theaters. One of the most famous playwrights - Henrik Ibsen. Celebrations - Constitution Day - May 17th (1814m). On this day, many people go to the streets in traditional clothing. Midsummer festival is celebrated by burning bonfires on beaches (23 June).

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