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Nourishment. Daily food. The food pyramid. Breads, cereals, potatoes and their products. Vegetables and fruits. Milk, cheese, yogurt. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts. Sugar, fat. Thank you for your attention ?

During the day, our body needs to get about 40 nutrients, but there is no single food containing all the necessary materials, so the food should be as varied; It has been shown that daily vegetable and fruit need to get even 600 grams; During the day, we have to drink 2.5 liters of fluid.

Pyramid based food products from cereals. It gives us a lot of carbohydrates, B vitamins, minerals (K, Fe, P, and others.), It does a little of lipids (fats) and contain soluble vitamins (protein).

Fruit and vegetable products groups mainly of water (50-98%), its soluble vitamins (C, P, B), a number of carotene, minerals and carbohydrates (cellulose, pectin, starch), but little of lipids, fats, proteins.

Meat and fish products group, the wealthiest of proteins, lipids (fats), especially eggs, meat and oily fish.

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