Objective Naujoji Rūta

Objective. Introduction. Activities of the company. History. Examples of products. We today. Employee. Quality. Partners. Friends. Shops. Annual sales. Structure of the management. Future plans. Carrer. Swot analysis. Conclusion. Literature.

„Naujoji rūta“ is one of the most successful confectionery production firm in Lithuania. Siauliai confectionery industry association "Rūta" was divided into separate companies, one of which was AB “Naujoji rūta which activity started in 1993. Our company is profitable for us. In the company are very competent employees which are 230 . We are always looking for talented specialists, who would help us to reach our purposes. The company have seven production departments, many technological laboratorines and many branded shops in the Lithuanian cities

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  • Objective Naujoji Rūta
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