Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Manual. General. Prohibited. Employees' actions prior to starting work. Employee work in action. Employee emergency action (special) cases. The activities of workers to complete the work. Warning, prohibition signs at work. Compulsory. Warning Signs. Information signs. Electrical safety. Evacuation direction. Prohibition signs. Fire danger.

Can work independently trained at least 18 years of age, health check, completed an introductory safety and health. 1.2 The employee's working time distribution of the daily work (shift) the start and end point is detected by the company's Rules of Procedure.

Do not work under the weather or under the influence of narcotics, psychotropic substances or toxic. 2.2 The workplace is prohibited to drink alcoholic beverages, use of drugs, toxins, and psychotropic substances. Smoking is allowed only in specially equipped areas. 2.3 Independently or in agreement with another employee, change the workplace, work equipment worker assigned. 2.4 Employee who has violated these instructions, apply the laws of the Republic of Lithuania's responsibility.

Up clothing and wear appropriate personal protective equipment. 3.2 Carefully inspect your workplace. 3.3 Prohibited 3.3.1 Employee to work with technically inadequate tools and equipment. 3.3.2 Repair and hand-held power tools and machinery does not have a right to the employee. 3.4 Finding flaws in a worker injury, he must start to work on is to report to the Head Unit.

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  • Occupational Health and Safety
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