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The creative novel ‘oliver twist’, written by charles dickens, a classic of all times. Dickens’s novel describes well the hard life of the poor people at his time. As an example he uses a young boy, oliver, who has to live with many prejudices. Dickens also speaks about another problem. If you were poor at that time you hardly ever had a chance to improve your situation or to get any further in life. The author tries to criticize the situation or are responsible for their suffering. He does not criticize all the rich people in his novel, he just thinks that rich people ought to help the poor ones rather than have prejudices against them.

Another bright woman character is Agnes Fleming. Agnes makes only a fleeting appearance in this novel. she is a mother of Oliver Twist. Aged 19, Agnes falls in love with a close friend of her father’s and becomes pregnant by him. A strong woman, she protects her farther against the identity of her lover, knowing he would feel betrayed. Agnes had to suffer a terrifying assault by Monks and she flees from her family. This woman is very strong character and she and Oliver’s father were deeply in love, mut he is much weaker than she is. Oliver came from a relationship of strong love, but one which was a combination of weakness and strength. Oliver inherits more of his mother than his father. The story of Agnes is tragedy, it is totally heart-breaking. When you read, you have no idea what is in the store because in the novel, Agnes just gives birth, kisses the child and promptly dies. Dickens characterizes absolutely beautiful and tragic love story. At the beginning you see quite an innocent, quite immature girl but she does a lot of growing up, it progresses and she protects herself. The woman has lost her father and sister, so there has been a lot of heartache in the family already and falling in love with Oliver’s father is maybe partly because of this – she has taken over the main female role in the household. Agnes Fleming is a victim of her time as in those days an unmarried and pregnant woman was just doomed. It is testimony to her great strength of character that she leaves her comfortable home and stable family, to head off into the unknown, carrying a baby and having no money.

A woman who had very big influence on Oliver Twist’s life was Nancy. Nancy, the young kind-hearted prostitute and one of Fagin’s former child pickpockets, is a different kind of stereotype, constructed from traits normally associated with opposing female images.

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