Opinion Essay (3)

Opinion ESSAY,. for & against Essay. Purpose. Plan. Opinion Essay. For & against essay. Formal style of essays. This means you should use. You should not use. In simple terms, this means the following. Linking Words. To provide an illustration/to give an example. Linking Words. To extend a point / to add. Linking Words. To show the next step. Linking Words. To indicate a contrast. Linking Words. To show cause and effect. Linking Words. To conclude. SAMPLE 1. Children should be engaged in paid work. Sample.

Formal style of essays This means you should use:.

Linking WordsTo provide an illustration/to give an example:.

For example, ... That is That is to say For instance, ... In other words, ... Such as As follows A typical/particular/key example.

Linking WordsTo extend a point / to add:.

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