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Opinion essay. Third idea , support. Contradictive idea , support. People should become vegetarians. Violent sports should be banned. Should ban or restrict. Worsen their fitness. Tend to be aggressive. Some people say that violent sports can accumulate a great wealth or give fame and recognition. Strongly believe. Argumentative essay. Advantages and disadvantages of computers in modern society. Useful phrases for writing argumentative essay To list points. To add more points to the same topic. To make contrasting points. To conclude.

First of all, red meat has many minerals and vitamins which are not in any other food. Also, the body gets proteins.

In addition to this, for me meat is delicious. I like well prepared chicken. It is tasty and has not many calories. Moreover, when people enjoy food, they are happier.

To sum up, I think that meat is important in our diet as it gives our organisms good materials. So meat is as important as eating fruit, vegetables or other products.

A lot of people consume meat on their regular diet feeling that it is necessary for their well-being. I believe that in order to stay healthy and strong people should eat meat regularly.

In addition to this, meat is delicious. Well prepared, with plenty of spices chicken is not only tasty but also is suitable for a low calorie diet. Moreover, food which is enjoyed makes people happier.

To sum up, I reckon that meat plays a great role in our diet as it provides our organisms with essential materials. Therefore consumption of meat is as important as eating fruit, vegetables or other products.

Nowadays professional athletes waste their bodies and expend a lot of energy fighting in dangerous and severe sports due to a wish to become known as fine sportsmen. Therefore people hazard their health because organisers of such sports underemphasize their security during competitions as they seek to establish a show for the audience. In my view, responsible authority should ban or restrict such sporting activities as such harmful trade involves a lot of damage on both people’s health and life.

To start with, sportsmen who are engaged in violent sports worsen their fitness because they may suffer injuries. In this case, incurred traumas do not pass without consequences and people sense the effects all their life. Actually, they may risk their lives because of hazardous terms and unregulated rules in such sport.

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