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Over the years of attending school my opinion of whether i and other students should wear school uniforms has changed a lot, but it has reached its final destination and it is not changing anymore. So no, we should not wear school uniforms and i will explain you why.

Well, as you have noticed from my title, the first thing that came into my mind was that you lose your uniqueness and inclusiveness. When you wear a school uniform, it is like you are forbidden to express yourself, you are not allowed to be recognized, you are just another dot in the crowd of same looking people. When you walk into a class you are greeted not by individuals, but a group of the same color.

There is also a problem with adults. They often do not realize what effects the dress code has on the children's minds. They are a way of showing authority; I dress how I please and you do not. Therefore, I am superior to you. That also lowers our morale.

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