Oral translation in health care

Oral translation in health care settings. Aim. The objectives. Translation. Oral translation. Interpretation in health care field. USA is a magnet for immigrants. Laws which concerns interpretation. Language services to individuals with LEP. Washington. Minnesota. Maine. Utah. Hawaii. References. Conclusions.

The main aim of this presentation is to gather and present information about oral translation in health care field.

Translation is transformation of the SL text into the TL text by using the TL means and retaining the SL content.

■ In this country people speak in more than 300 languages ■ More than 44 million Americans, use their native language at home. ■ Many immigrants are not settled in major urban areas because now they live in suburban and rural areas.

Oral translation is necessary in health care field. That is confirmed by Mara Youdelman and Jane Perkins and their report about interpreting in hospitals and another health care facilities.

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  • Oral translation in health care
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