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Extreme sports
Anglų skaidrės apie ekstremalų sportą. Extreme sports is. Extreme sports classification. Most popular extreme sports. Surfing. Windsurfing. Hot air ballooning. Mountain biking. Hang gliding. Paragliding. Skydiving. Mountaineering. Ice climbing. ...
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2012 11 18
Anglų rašinys apie sportą Sports
Broadly speaking, there are many people who do sports and they do it for many reasons. There are people who do sports every day, also few times in a week or just when they want. In my opinion, not every person realize the benefits and importance of ...
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2013 03 25
Anglų dialogas daktaras ir pacientas
A: good morning doctor. B: good morning. Whats the matter? How can i help you? A: i have a problem with my health. I feel very tired and exhausted everyday and i don't know why, co i came here to ask your advice and consult with ...
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2012 03 24
Anglų dialogas apie studijas
-Oh hello, it is so unexpected to meet you here. What are you doing here?-Hi, well, I came back here only for a while, after two weeks I will go to England.-So tell me, what you do there? Are you studying? Or ...
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2012 06 29
8 anglu kalbos dialogai
Green week at school. “cut your spending” online competition. World development international conference. Preparation for the speaking credit. School guides' competition. Peer helper club. Cooking club. Lithuania 1009–2009’ Commemoration at ...
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2013 05 28
Trumpas anglų dialogas apie sveikatą
Trumpas anglų kalbos dialogas apie sveikatą. Skirtas atsiskaityti kaip pasakojimą.
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2013 03 28
Anglų kalbėjimas Sports
Many young people don’t like to stay at home and watch tv all day. They love to do various activities and one of activities is sport. Sport is very important in pupil’s life. They love playing tennis, basketball, football, volleyball and other ...
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2013 03 20
Sportas anglų skaidrės
Anglų skaidrės apie sportą. Sports is all forms of competitive physical activity. The history. The history of sport can teach us. Sport seems to involve basic human skills. Most popular sports in the world. Football. Is a team sport. Soccer is ...
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2013 03 06
Dialogue about sport
Dialogue about sport. Dialogas apie sportą anglų kalba.
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2013 05 23
Anglų kalbos monologas apie sportą (su papildomais reikalingais/naudingais žodžiais)
Anglų kalbos monologas apie sportą (su papildomais reikalingais/naudingais žodžiais.
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2016 02 10
Sports in my life
About sport in my life. I was eight years old and in my third year of little league baseball. At the team practice, my coach announced that two new players would be joining our team. I couldn't wait to see who they would be since they couldn't be ...
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2011 12 30
Anglu dialogas apie mokslus
B: Hello “student A vardas”A: Hello “student B vardas”B: You know, the examination session ending trip is coming soon, and I think we should make a plan for it, do you have time for doing that now?A: Yes of course, we ...
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2013 02 19
Ekstremalus sportas
Extreme sports - most dangerous, full of sensation and energetic fun. Usually this activity is necessary for the system software. For most people a hobby is a way of life and source of income. Although these activities caused by a rush of ...
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2013 05 23
Anglų kalbos darbas apie kontaktinį sportą
Content. Boxing. Judo. Taekwondo. Kudo. Pictures. Links and web sites.
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2013 10 29
Anglų dialogas searching a room
M: HiA: Hello mister! What is you name?M: My name is Matas and What is your name, Miss?A: My name is Agne. Nice to meet you!M: Nice to meet you too! I saw Advertisement in the local news-paper for a room.A: Yes. ...
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2012 12 20
Anglų projektinis Two day trip to Lithuania
Two - day trip in lithuania. Our destination. The trip begins. Our transport. Map. Anyksciai. Antano baranausko granary. Puntuko stone. Panevezys. Freedom square. Kupiskis. Kupiskio marios. Utena. Utenos brewery. Wedding mountain. Cost.
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2013 01 03
Anglų dialogas apie atostogas
-Hi-Hello-How are you?-I'm fine, how about you?-I‘m fine too. You know, we have to start planing holidays with our friends.-oou.. Yes of course, I forgot... Maybe you have some ideas where we can spend ...
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2014 11 17
Anglų kalbos dialogas
- so we want to relax or what?-Yes, I think we need to relax, and that‘s why i choose the hotel. There are so many amenities, like swimming pool, massage parlor, spa centers.-I don‘t agree with you. I think, it‘s better to ...
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2015 02 02
25 Anglų kalbos rašiniai
Rašiniai anglų kalba. Personal identification. Services. House and home. Flora. Fauna. Television. Museums of kaunas. Travelling. Traffic. Nato. Social affairs. Education in great britain and lithuania. The school. "saule" gymnasium. Food & drink. ...
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2011 12 29
Anglų kalbos dialogas oro uoste
V: Good morningA: Good morningV: Where are you flying to today?A: RomeV: May I have your passport and ticket, please?A: Yes, sure. Here you go.V: Ok, its allright with them. Did you pack your luggage yourself?A: Yes I did.V: Are you carrying any ...
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2015 05 23
Anglų dialogas tema cheating in school
I would like to talk with you about cheating in school. Do you agree that it is a serious problem?Yes, it is. Nowadays, more and more students are cheating on homework or during tests and exams.How do you think, why do students ...
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2012 07 10
Anglų dialogas, monologas prieš 12 klasės egzaminą pasiruošimas
Anglu dialogas , monologas pries 12 klases egzamina pasiruosimas A MOKINYS. European Day of Languages Situation. You start the conversation. B mokinys. Student A starts the conversation. International Women’s Day Task.
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2016 03 08
Anglų kalbos dialogas su rock star
V.: He is one half of a famous heavy metal song writing duo and one of most popular metal bands in America „Totally Awesome“ member. Today I will talk with real legend – Mick Johnson. Hello, Mick. Its very good to see you.A: Hello ...
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2015 05 23
Anglu kalbos dialogas namų darbas
M: It‘s sounds encouraging. Maybe you have something to add?R: You decide on your vacation, hours, salary, hiring and firing people.M: So, If business fails, I have to declare personal bankrupcty?R:That‘s what I mean. You ...
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2017 01 02
Anglų dialogas
Breaking boudaries projectA: what a great idea, we can talk with teachers and ask them for help to make activities everyday to make students friendlier like: greeting everybody in the morning, at the breaks give to everybody leaflets with ...
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2012 10 30
Anglų dialogas (2)
Dialogas apie piramides. Welcome to the egipt! Today you can have a rest in your hotel, couse tommorow we will have a trip to look pyramids. • are they big? ◘ yes, they are big. • mhm. Like that? ◘ no, bigger. • then, like that? ◘ the ...
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2016 07 27
Anglų kalbos laiškas
Anglų kalbos namų darbas. Laiškas skirtas Mr Black.
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2012 11 28
Anglų dialogas lets keep fit
O: Um, let me think .. I'm sorry, but I think that the best way to encourage our school community to keep fit is to focus on healthy eating and organize a series of whole-school events on the issue, such as “My salad recipe” or “My healthy ...
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2014 12 23
Anglų dialogas pas gydytoją
Patient: I‘m here for my annual check-up for short weight.Nurse: OK. Come on in here. I'll take your blood pressure. Take off your shoes and stand on the scale I need your height and weight. OK. Go into this room and take off your clothes. ...
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2013 07 07
Anglų kalba rašinys apie diagramas
The charts show local government expenditure in 2000 and 2010.Bought charts are partition in nine sections. Each section has a title and there are education, healthcare, pensions, defence, welfare, interest on borrowing, transport, culture and ...
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2012 12 05
Ankstyvasis anglu kalbos mokymas
Įvadas. Ankstyvojo anglų kalbos ugdymo prielaidos. Vaikų įgimtų gebėjimų reikšmė anglų kalbos mokymesi. Anglų kalbos gramatikos mokymo pradinėje mokykloje problema. Gramatikos mokymas per žaidimą. Tyrimo rezultatai. Išvados. ...
Filologijos kursiniai darbai, Kursinis darbas, 20 puslapių
2016 12 07
Laiškas draugui anglų kalba
9,5( 2 atsiliepimai )
Šis laiškas rašomas draugui, norint, kad jis sužinotų kuo daugiau apie tave, bei , kad tu nuo draugo gautum kuo daugiau informacijos apie jį, taip draugai gali susipažinti, jei draugas gyvena kur kitur (užsienyje)
Anglų laiškai, Laiškas, 1 puslapis
2013 02 15
Anglų dialogas apie gimtadienio dovaną
A Hi, Simona! B hello! A I miss you so much! How are you? B I’m fine. How about you? A I’m fine too. Listen, I want to talk with you. You know, that Kate’s birthday is on Friday, right? So we should buy something. B Maybe pet? A that’s a ...
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2016 08 08
Anglų kalbos laikai lentelė su pavyzdžiais
Išsamiai paaiškinti anglų kalbos laikai. Sudarymas. Naudojimas. Pavyzdžiai.
Anglų konspektai, Konspektas, 3 puslapiai
2018 02 23
Meninis kalbos stilius
Meninis kalbos stilius. Meninio stiliaus vartojimo sfera – grožinė literatūra. Meninio stiliaus apraiškų esama ir kai kuriose kitose kalbos sferose. Ryškiausias šio stiliaus požymis. Čia dažnas dialogas. Dialogas. Ištraukas iš knygos ...
Lietuvių skaidrės, Skaidrės, 7 puslapiai
2013 07 30
Anglų rašinys apie megstamiausią knygą
,,”,Marti Leimbach,is an axtraodinary accomplishment which works as love story and terms of endearment. Story takes places in the sea-coast town in New England. This wonderfully wrotten book is about an extremely talented,vibrant ...
Anglų rašiniai, Rašinys, 1 puslapis
2013 05 16
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