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PRESENT SIMPLE It often rains this time of the year. Present continuous am/is/are + ving it is raining now. Present continuous it is. Present perfect have/has + ved it has just rained. Present perfect it has. Present perfect continuous have/has + ...
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2016 06 28
Anglų laikas
Labai patogi lentelė su visais anglų kalbos laikais. Present simple. Present continuous. Past simple paprastasis būtasis laikas. Past continuous būtasis tęstinis laikas. Future simple paprastasis būsimasis laikas. Future continuous būsimasis ...
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2012 10 22
Anglų kalbos laikai aprašymas
Past Perfect Continous . Present Perfect Continous . Future Perfect Continous . Present simple  . Present perfect continuous . Past perfect continuous .
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2016 10 03
Present perfect esamasis atliktinis laikas
Present perfect. (esamasis atliktinis laikas). have/has + -ed (played)/ 3 veiksm. Teigiama forma. (we/you/they) have. Neigiama forma. (we/you/they) haven’t opened the window. Klausiamoji forma. Have I (we/you/they). Vartojimas. Vartojamas su ...
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2016 07 06
Present Perfect konspektas
Present perfect . Thepast participle . Have has been . They’ve been married . Has lived . Has been living . It’s been raining . Several times . I’ve played . Has written . I’ve been watching . They’ve been staying . Have ...
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2016 02 26
Правила английского языка
Случаи употребления Present Simple. Образование Past Simple. Случаи употребления Past Simple. Образование Present Continuous. Случаи употребления Present Continuous. ...
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2018 02 12
Anglų laikai tenses
Present Simple. Present Continuous. Past Simple. Past Continuous. Present Perfect. Past Perfect. The Present Perfect Passive.
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2010 03 03
Present Continuous
Present Continuous. Kaip sudaromas Present Continuous laikas? The structure of. Kada vartojamas Present Continuous laikas? Present Continuous laikas reiškia besitęsiantį veiksmą. Present Countinuous laiko asmenavimas. Present Countiouus laiko ...
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2014 05 14
Veikiamosios rūšies veiksmažodžių lentelė
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Veikiamosios rūšies veiksmažodžių lentelė. Sudarymas. Laikas reiškia. Pavyzdžiai. Nurodomieji žodžiai. Present simple. Present continious. Present perfect. Present perfect continious. Past simple. Past continious. Past perfect. Pas perfect ...
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2012 10 22
Anglu kalbos laikai konspektas
Tenses. Indefinite. Present indefinite. Vartojamas. Reikšti įprastiems, pasikartojantiems ar nuolat vykstantiems veiksmams dabartyje. Reikšti bendriems teiginiams, nesiejant jų su laiku. Reikšti veiksmams arba savybėms, būdingiems veiksniui ...
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2013 02 06
Past Perfect skaidrės
The past perfect tense. Būtasis atliktinis veiksmas. Form. Had + past participle (viii f. Usage. Past Perfect is used for. A past action which occurred before another action or before a stated past time. Complete past actions which has visible ...
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2015 10 20
Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous
Past perfect simple and past perfect continuous. Būtasis atliktinis laikas ir Būtasis atliktinis tęstinis laikas. Mes naudojame Past Perfect Simple veiksmui kuris nutiko prieš nurodytą laiką praeityje. Past Perfect Simple. ( Būtasis ...
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2016 07 19
Present perfect
Present perfect. Present perrfect continuous. Have / has + V ing. Have been / has been + V ing. Past perfect. Pest perfect continuous. Had + V. Had been + V ing. Future perfect. Future perfect continuous. Will have + V. Will have been + V ing. ...
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2016 02 05
English tenses
Very good explanation of English tenses. English Grammar (Tenses). Present Indefinite. Past Indefinite. Future Indefinite. Future Indefinite In the Past. Present Continuous. Past Continuous. Future Continuous. Future Continuous in the Past. Perfect ...
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2016 07 20
Past tenses
Past Tenses. Present Perfect Tenses. Have gone to. Have been to. Have been in. Relative Clauses. Past Simple. Past Continuous. Time expressions we use with the past continuous. Past Perfect. Time expressions we use with the past perfect. Past ...
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2017 01 24
Question types
Question types. Special questions in present simple. Special questions in present continouos. Special questions in present perfect. Special questions in present perfect continouos. Special questions in past simple. Special questions in past ...
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2016 07 07
Tenses (2)
Simple Present Simple – veiksmas , priskiriamas esamajam laikui , bet paprastai nevykstantis kalbos momentu. If , unless , till , until , when , as soon as , before  . If , when. Used + bendratis. To be going + bendratis.  . Always , ...
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2017 11 27
Future tenses
Future tenses. Present Simple. Present Continuous. Future Simple (Will). Future Continuous. Future Perfect Simple. Time expressions used with the future perfect. Future Perfect Continuous. Note. Going to (or the future continuous). Going to.
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2017 04 23
English tenses
The action is general. The action happens all the time , or habitually. The action is not only happening now. For action happening exactly now. For action happening around now. It ‘ s not permanent or habitual. For actions that happened at a ...
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2018 01 30
Conditionals konspektas
If + Present Simple , Present Simple. Don ‘ doesn ‘ t. Konstatuoja faktą , reiškia paprastas tiesas , kalbame apie taisykles ir įpročius. Realios sąlygos sakiniai If + Present Simple , + will. Vartojame kalbant apie veiksmus , įvykius , ...
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2017 02 24
Anglų passive voice
Lentelė padėsianti išmokti passive voice. Simple. Continuous. Perfect. Present. Positive. Negative. Questions. Positive. Negative. Questions. Positive. Negative. Questions. Past. Future Simple. Future Perfect.
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2013 09 09
Anglu laikai lentelė
Simple. Continuous. Perfect. Present. Positive. Negative. Questions. Positive. Negative. Questions. Positive. Negative. Questions. Past. Present Perfect Continuous. Past Perfect Continuous.
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2013 09 09
Reported Speech
Reported Speech Direct speech. Say – Tell We use. In Direct speech. We also use. In Reported speech when. Is not followed by the person the words were spoken to. Expressions with say. Expressions with tell. To report ststements we use a ...
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2017 02 23
Aviation history
Introduction. Unit 1 aviation history.Present Simple - Present Continuous. Accept/except. Unit 2 early history of flight (1). Past Simple -Past Continuous. Besides/beside. Unit 3 early history of flight (2). Relative Pronouns. Present Perfect - Past ...
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2013 09 19
The present countinuous tense
The Present Continuous Tense. The present continuous tense. Questions and answers. Spelling rules!!! Write the ending of present continuous tense. Time expressions. The usage of present continuous. What are they doing? The usage of Present ...
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2014 05 03
Grammar tasks Homework
Which of the words below can describe good qualities of an organization? Bad qualities of an organization. Caring disciplined democratic. Autonomous / self employed. Associates / companions. Actions / shares. Listed / posted. Public company / ...
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2018 01 02
Present Simple
Present Simple. Simple Present Tense. English Grammar Rules. For facts. For things that are always / generally true. Verb Conjugation & Spelling. The spelling for. For verbs that end in a consonant + Y. Negative Sentences in the Simple Present ...
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2016 06 28
English grammar: present simple – present continuous
Grammar present simple – present continuous ex. Underline the correct tense. Move are moving. Works is working. Holds is holding. Doesn't leave isn't leaving. Always talk are always talking. Don't teach am not teaching. Do amphibians live Are ...
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2018 09 30
First, second and third conditional
First, Second, and Third Conditional. If + Present simple  will + infinitive. First conditional. The 'if' clause can be used with different present forms. For example. If + Past. Second conditional. The Second Conditional is used to talk about ...
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2017 01 12
Present Simple and Present Continuous
Present Simple and Present Continuous. Present simple. Ing. Ing. Test. Sara and Tim. (look) for a flat at the moment. Answers. Sara and Tim are looking (look) for a flat at the moment.
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2016 07 03
People could say that the perfect father does not exist, I actually do not know if that is true, but what I surely know is that my father is perfect for me.My father is tall and well-built. He is in his early forties so there are a few wrinkles ...
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2013 11 07
Present simple affirmative and negative forms
Present simple. affirmative & negative forms. Present Simple. Sentence formation. Rules for the 3rd person. he she it. Usage of present simple. Make affirmative sentences. Negative form. Make negative sentences. Let’s practice. Answers.
Anglų skaidrės, Skaidrės, 15 puslapių
2014 05 03
Skaidrės apie anglų laikus
Present Continuous and Past Simple tenses. Present Continuous. Passive and Active Present Continuous.   Present Continuous Tense - When to use. Signal words of Present Continuous. Past Simple. Passive and Active Past Simple. Past Simple Tense – ...
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2014 03 21
Advantages and disadvantages of social network websites
What is a social network? How can social networks help us ? It helps people. It can be a perfect place for someone who expresses themselves over the internet. Social networking is a perfect way to promote products and services. But social netoworks ...
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2015 03 02
Introduction. To present many interesting facts about how important colors are for human in life. To describe colors of every astrological sign. To explain what people eye color means. To find out which flowers color are the most suitable to present ...
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2012 12 18
Darbo ir poilsio laikas programa
Renginys (aptarimas-diskusija) „Darbo santykių ir valstybinio socialinio draudimo teisinio-administracinio modelis“. Darbo ir poilsio laiko reglamentavimas užsienio šalyse ir Lietuvoje ateitis ir perspektyvos doc. Direktyva 2003/88/EB ...
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2016 09 26
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