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Anglų rašinys apie kalėdas
Just about every family that celebrates Christmas has its own unique family Christmas traditions. These might include certain holiday decorations, special Christmas activities, and cherished holiday ornaments. All family members, even those far away ...
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2013 01 23
Christmas Skaidrės apie Kalėdas anglų kalba
Christmas. What is christmas? Old roots with the winter solstice. It's a great celebration. Christmas traditions in the lithuanian. Celebratory dinner. Many tables can be found in the twelve dishes that symbolize. Christmas tree decoration. ...
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2013 02 20
Krikščioniškos kalėdos
Krikščioniškos Kalėdos. Rašinys apie Šv. Kalėdas. Kalėdos Lietuvoje.
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2013 01 14
Anglų skaidrės apie kalėdas Christmas
Angliškai apie kalėdas. Skaidrės su paveiksliukais. The actual date of the birth of jesus. The modern date of december. Preparations for christmas started early in the morning on christmas eve. Family members who were away made every effort to ...
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2012 12 02
Lithuania anglų rašinys apie Lietuvą
Lithuania is a very nice country in the middle of Europe. Klaipėda is near The Baltic Sea. This country is full of little and big towns, some castles and mounds. Vilnius, the capital, is well-known city which has beautiful landscapes, some ...
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2013 10 07
Cardiff apie miestą angliškai
People's opinions about this city. Cardiff is a truly unique capital. Cost of living. Property. Wages. Living costs. Historically. Images from cardiff. Building of the docks. After the napoleonic wars. Cardiff faced a challenge. John ...
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2013 01 10
My school Anglų rašinys apie mokyklą
So, we go to school from Monday to Friday. At our school lessons start after eight of ten. And it takes, I think like everywhere, forty-five minutes. Alove primary school has a library, where you can spend your break time. You can read magazines, ...
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2013 09 21
Anglų skaidrės apie gyvūnus
Moose. Large mammal in the deer family. Live in forests. Grow huge antlers and shed them. Males have a body length. Moose body parts. Next animal is lion. Cat family rapacious mammal. Lives in savannah. Hunt ungulates. Lion body parts.
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2013 04 01
Mano kalėdos rašinys
Mano kalėdos. Kiekvieną kartą, kai suskamba bažnyčios varpai, kviesdami į jėzaus gimimo šventę, mintimis grįžtu praeitin – į kaimą, į savo vaikystę.
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2013 05 17
Vilnius anglų rašinys
Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It was built at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers, surrounded by wooded hills. Vilnius was first mentioned in 1323, when the Grand Duke of Lithuania proclaimed it the capital of the country. ...
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2013 06 26
Pollution Anglų rašinys apie taršą
Pollution is a big problem all around the world now days. There are air, water and soil pollution round the world. If we want to save our planet, we should start take measures in order to have it. In most of our aties the air is very polluted. ...
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2013 03 17
Leo anglų rašinys apie liūtą
Males are distinguished by their mane, weighs up to 250 kg, females are much smaller, weighing up to 136 kg. Lions in the wild can live up to 10-14 years, living in families - some kinship ties associated with female children and one or more ...
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2013 02 27
Rašinys apie mamą
Jeigu kalbėčiau apie vieną žmogų,kalbėčiau apie mamą.
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2014 04 03
Rašinys apie filmą
Bežiūrėdamas populiariuosius šių 2012 metų filmus susimasčiau, jog vienas geresnis už kitą. Šį kartą mėgiamiausiu tapo režisieriaus Gary Rosso poapokaliptinis nuotykių ir išlikimo trileris „Bado žaidynės“ . jis sudomino mane ...
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2013 06 26
Prancūzija darbas anglų kalba
History. Culture and clothes. Eifel tower. French President. Images from France. French Coat of Arms. French flag. French territor. Population and size. Food and French cuisine.
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2014 05 14
Anglu rašinys apie mane. About myself
I am edgar grigorjev. Edgar is my first name and grigorjev is my surname. I am sixteen years old. I was born in siauliai, on the twenty-first of june,. I live in siauliai with my mother, grandmother and sister. My address is easy to remember. ...
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2012 03 15
Anglų rašinys apie vasarą
Summer to remember. Rašinys apie vasarą angliškai.
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2013 06 26
Pasakojimas apie save
Okay. I got task tell us about yourself. I‘m Eglė, i‘m 17 years old, studying in the 11th grade. I live with my parents, my little brother and sister.So I love to embroider, watch TV, meet to friends, and sit at the computer like ...
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2013 01 08
Hobbies anglų rašinys apie hobby
A lot of people in the world have hobbies. The free time can be spent playing the piano or anything else, traveling or painting.First of all, a wonderful hobby is traveling. If you want to have a good trip, you have to consult with your travel ...
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2013 10 06
Skaidrės apie Velykas anglų kalba
Easter. What is easter? Passover or easter. Christian holiday, adapted to the old faith, celebration, symbolizing christ's resurrection. Easter is the most important christian festival. Easter liturgy. The celebration of easter begins with holy ...
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2013 05 03
My favourite singer. My favourite film. Sport.
Anglų rašinys apie mėgstamą dainininką, filmą ir sportą. My favourite singer. My favourite film. Sport.
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2013 01 13
My native town Kaunas
I live in Lithuania. In town that is called Kaunas. We have two main parts of town. It is the Old town and the New town. Kaunas is one of the biggest industrial centers in Lithuania. Kaunas is the students city too.
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2010 03 03
Apie šeimą anglų kalba
My family consists of four people. I have father, mother and brother.
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2014 03 07
Mano svajonių namas My dream house
My dream house. My dream house should be not only beautiful appearance. So my dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city in a very picturesque. My inside the house should be a lot of blue color because it is my favorite color. In ...
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2013 05 19
My future profession anglų rašinys apie profesiją
To start with, if you want to become a civil engineer you must be logical – minded, creative and good at maths. Also, you must have hight educasion. You might learn in college or university. In order to join the University you must pass maths, ...
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2014 05 06
Anglų rašinys apie filmą My film review
The film, about which I am going to talk about is called,”The Intouchables”. It is written by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. Genre – comedy and drama.Whole film is a story about 2 uncounted men. One of them is rich but not happy ...
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2013 01 30
Vilnius rašinys
Maironis sąmoningai formavo Vilniaus – senosios ir amžinosios Lietuvos sostinės – refleksiją. Kaip Vilnius vaizduojamas Maironio ir šiandienos Lietuvos poezijoje? Vilnius (prieš aušrą).
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2013 11 20
Airija skaidrės anglų kalba
Norse viking invasions. Northern ireland. History. Education. Queen's university belfast. Coat of arms of northern ireland. Sport. Golf.
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2012 10 14
Anglijos aprašymas anglų kalba
Great Britain - industrialized countries, economically one of the strongest in the world (after the United States, Germany, Japan). The Southeast producing wheat, barley, sugar beet, dominated by dairy and beef cattle breeding, western, southwestern ...
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2013 11 17
Kūčios ir kalėdos referatas
Pratarmė. Kalėdų šventės. Kalėdų kilmė. Pavadinimų kilmė. Advento laikas. Advento papročiai lietuvoje. Advento papročiai šatėse. Advento ir kalėdinės giesmės. Kūčių diena. Dvasinis apsivalymas. Vyrų darbai. Moterų darbai. ...
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2012 04 15