Palanga 100 years ago and now

Palanga 100 years ago and now. Naglis hill. Earl‘s Tiškevičiai palace. The palace didn‘t changed much. Palanga pier. Palanga pier used to be unsafe. Vytautas street. Palanga church. Kurhausas. There used to be stairs and a bigger window in the left side. So, in 100 years Palanga didn‘t changed very much.

Naglis hill100 years ago there didn‘t use to grow so many trees and there didn‘t used to be any stairs.

Earl‘s Tiškevičiai palaceThe palace didn‘t changed much. The palace used to be smaller and there used to be more bushes and flowers. Also, the palace used to be private and now it is an amber museum.

Vytautas streetThe houses in Vytautas street used to be wooden and they used to be smaller.

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