Palyginimas UK ir USA universitetų

Anglų skaidrės. Differences between USA and UK universities. Delaware State University. History. Delaware State University. Campus. William C. Jason Library. Services & Housing. Academics. University of the Arts London. History. University of the Arts London. Campus. The King's Cross campus of Central Saint Martins. Services & Housing. Campus apartments. Academics. Differences of Universities. Universities similarities. Informacion used.

The university consists of six colleges: College of Agriculture & Related Sciences College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences College of Business College of Education, Health & Public Policy College of Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Technology School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Services Offered Students Union runs an advisory service to help with any concerns that may be affecting your time at university, whether these are academic or personal issues. Offer a lot of support:1) advisors specially trained in visa issues2) free English language help.

Delaware State University: Based on the agriculture & Related Sciences, health, mathematics and Business; Main aim is to develop good economists and medical; The university is famious for its library.

University of the Arts London: based on the art, fashion and design; main aim is to develop good artists and designers; The university is famious for its gallery.

Both universities have abilities to accommodate students. In Universities works various organizations. University students are very promising and known for its achievement.

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  • Palyginimas UK ir USA universitetų
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