Pasakojimas apie gimtadieni

Rasinelis apie gimtadieni. Rasinys apie gimtadieni. Mano gimtadienis rasinys. Gimtadienio rasinelis. Anglu rasiniai apie gimtadieni. Anglu rasinys apie gimtadieni. Pasakojimai apie gimtadienius. Anglu rasinelis apie gimtadieni. Rasinys mano gimtadienis. Rasinys apie gimtadieni angliskai.

Pasakojimas apie gimtadieni anglu kalba.

About week before Hana sent invitations to his birthday party for all closest friends.

party already was beginning then suddenly came call to door. Hana open the door and saw long time not seen studies friend Siuzan she was with his friend Peter. they arrive for suzan be big surprize.

hana immediately take couple to the full guest room and showed where hang coats.

susan and peter give flowers to the hana and wished hana everifing good

hana half evening tooking with old friend share memories and laughed. most friend was with couple

So no one had much attention .all listening calm music and tooking.

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