Past continious

Past continuous or past simple. At 8 ‘ clock + yesterday Yesterday At this that moment yesterday Last. All day yesterday. ( in. In the middle of the action in the past for a complete action in the past. Was walking. The background. Was shining. Were waiting. Longer action. Shoter action. Was making. Don’t use. One action after another one action after another. Po to. We don’t use. Use past simple with. States , feelings , thoughts States , feelings , thoughts. Was going working. Wasn’t going working. Working ? Yes. Was. No. Wasn’t. Going / working ? Yes. Weren’t. Go work Yes. Past Indenfinite. Present Participle. To be past indef. Formos + Present Participle. Past progressive reikšmė ir vartojimas. Weren ‘ t. Was helping. Were fixing. Wasn ‘ t playing. The Past Continuous. Continuous or simple. Was flying. We use past cont. To say that we were in the middle of an action. We use past simple for a complete užbaigta action in the past. Past progressive continuous. When and when.

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