Past Simple Past Continuous presentation

Past Simple & Past Continuous. Past Simple. Past Simple use. We use the. Actions that took place immediately one after the other. When we want. Past Continuous use. For two or. Tom. Test.

Tom (look) _____ in last night and said that he was leaving the district. a) looked b) was looking c) were looking.

2. He (appear) _____ to be working. a) was appearing b) appeared c) appearing.

How (you break) _____ your leg? a) you broke b) did you break c) were you breaking.

John looked in to see how they (get) _____ on. a) got b) was getting c) were getting.

They asked Tim if he (do) _____ anything special that evening. a) did b) was doing c) were doing.

Rose hastily replied she (go) _____ to the theatre on Friday. a) were going b) went c) was going.

She (look) _____ a very respectable type and was wearing very conventional clothes. a) were looking b) was looking c) looked.

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  • Past Simple Past Continuous presentation
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