Past simple tense skaidrės

Anglų skaidrės. Past simple tense. Let’s remember! Nurodomieji žodeliai. Regular / irregular verbs. Regular verbs (-ed). Irregular verbs. (ii v’s form). Laiko sudarymas. teigiami sakiniai (+). affirmative sentences. Asmenavimas. conjugation. Neigiami sakiniai (-). negative sentences. Asmenavimas. conjugation. Klausimai (?). questions. Verb “To be”. [buvo]. Practice. Complete the sentences using Simple Past Tense. Well done!!!. dear pupils .

I saw Andy last month. We didn’t marry yesterday.

Yesterday, (a week, day) ago, the day before yesterday, last (October, week, night, year, month), when..?, in (1987, July), on 25 May when (we were in Paris), etc.

Infinitive + -ed. e.g. work + ed – worked Verbs ending with a vowel + a consonant  double the consonant + -ed. e.g. to travel: travel + l + -ed – travelled to stop: stop + p + -ed – stopped.

Ved / VII I studied for an exam yesterday. She bought a car.

I collected / saw You collected / saw He, she, it collected / saw We collected / saw You collected / saw They collected / saw.

Didn’t (did not) + VI Liz didn’t go to the disco. They didn’t open the window.

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