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Anglu rasinys draugui. Anglu rasiniai draugui. Anglu kalbos rašinys draugui. Rasinys draugui anglu kalba. Anglu kalbos laiskas draugui. Laiskas draugui angliskai. Anglu rasinelis draugui. Rasinys draugui. Angliski rasiniai draugui. Rašinėlis draugui anglų kalba.

I just got your letter. Yes, it’s very sad thing that you failed your summer exams at school. I was sorry to hear about your problem, but don’t be scared, i think i can help you and give some suggestions about this problem. My suggestion is that you ought to tell your parents. I’m sure they will understand you, because they are your best friends. I strongly advise you not to worry. You have enough time to revise everything. Why don’t you go for you teacher and ask an advice?
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