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Rašinys apie patyčias mokykloje. Discussion about bullying and harassment has been going quite a long time, but still equal to the problem is viewed through the fingers of both public and pupils themselves. This essay is intended to awaken children, people in this situation and to look at it differently, not to turn on this - one of the most important thing in school life. In order to understand bullying and gossip should look at the current situation, why is this happening and what reasons lead people to behave with hostility. Responsible persons often blame suverčia teachers and parents who saw the conflict do not suspend or formally. Of course, bullying have not stopped (for monitoring) is a negative factor, because a student saw a smirk that is free to do so on a regular basis - then it all becomes a habit, which is not so easy to get rid of.

Consequences of bullying and gossip usually not positive. These people are closed in themselves and try to hide from the public. Experienced psychological violence in the future, people are afraid to join in social, school or any other life. Often the victims of hatred and the accumulation of grievances, starting a war with the other - resulting from the vicious circle from which no escape, or remain neutral (by Dan Olweus claims). Some of the weaker people in mental preparation that could make it to the dire consequences - a breakthrough in suicide or madness that we see in U.

I think probably you will agree that this can be overcome by changing parents 'and students' thinking, to familiarize them with real consequences.

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