People are motivated by money (2)

People are motivated mainly by money.

Nowadays money plays really important role in our lives . It affects us in different ways. Some people will tell you that everyone is motivated by money. But others claims that money don’t motivate them.

Today, more and more people says that money - is happiness. Interesting but money actually causes us not so much luck as far as safety and sense of satisfaction. What is more if we have enough money, we feel safer because we can buy food and other important things. Also achievement in the lottery affects our happiness. When we win a huge amount of money we feel really happy. But I think that is not lasting. It will end up in a few days or weeks. It is said that money can buy everything but not true love. On the other hand rich people try to prove that money can do everything. Money gives them happiness. But in the inside , they aren't happy, because money can't bought them everything. Things like friends, family, love and health are priceless.

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  • People are motivated by money (2)
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