People before 100 years ago

Clothes. “What is strange thing is dress” thought people who lives a lot of thousands years ago. The truth is, to determine exactly when the people decided to wrap their bodies in clothing - complex.? Since the earliest clothing had to be made ​​from materials such as animal fur or skin, which are quite rapidly. Therefore, there is relatively little archaeological evidence from which it may be accurate to say the emergence date clothing. Last week Russia was celebrated 150 years of the photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudino-Gorkovo birthday anniversary - he had one of the first color photographs. After his death, he left more than 2,600 photos that captured the life of the Russian Empire from 1909 to . Jobs. Difficult and exhausting child labor was a daily routine. If you look into the eyes of these children-you can see that the experience they have perhaps even more than their parents. 100 years ago, children had serious responsibilities dress bread themselves. Well earners could enjoy adult pleasures cigarettes, alcohol, . This commentary is from America and Europe were not much better. Lithuania after all, most of the children went to feed their livestock, helped on the farm. Here are a few photos of the children working ). 20th century Vilnius, although the Russian province of fringe, the festive period so swarmed that today we can only envy. The truth, according to the ethnic and religious composition of the city was diversified, and, according to historian Laima Laučkaitė, one sacred and the other raised outrage. For example, the Lithuanians resentment poured Jews who unrestricted traded during Christian holidays, Lithuanian Poles resented worship. Only at Christmas, many businesses have had to be closed, the shops are open from 14 to 16 hours, does not act barber shops, brothels were forbidden to sell alcohol. Cars. In 1886. January 29. Karl Bence patented by the world's first car. A year later, the car started testing. Benco motor tricycle stroller a 0.9-liter engine, the speed was equal to 400 rev. / Min., And power - 0.65 kW. In the first car, which was able to reach 100 km / h. speed was electric "La Jamais-Content. That managed to do in the spring of 1899. The car has two electric motors "Postel-Vinay, whose power - 50 kW (67 hp). They were installed in the rear wheel hubs. Battery packs have been installed on the chassis inside the body and on the rear axle. End. References.
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