People with disabilities

People with disabilities.

Both photos are connected with the topic of the disability. In the first picture, I would guess that the man is going across the street. Also, it looks that the man is blind, becouse he is going with dog help and in him arm is special stick for blind people. In the second picture, I would guess that the women is going down stairs. It looks, that women, which sit in the wheeelchair can‘t walk without other people help and I would guess, that she ill cerebal palsy.

I think, that people in the pictures in everyday life are challanged. Not only becouse of their disability, but becouse they can‘t live life without other people help. But I think that the biggest problem, which connect not only people in the pictures, but and all disabled people are discrimination. In my opinion, we don‘t learn include Normal people don‘t understand that these people are same as us.

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