Personal and profesional development

Introduction. The competencies required by me as a manager. My swot analysis against these competencies. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Treats. Device a personal development plan to ensure your own effectiveness in managerial role. Conclusion. References. Bibliography.

My basic strengths for successful managing would be my qualification, knowledge, general skills, health, strong points of character and personality. One of my biggest strengths is my friendliest and ability to learn things very quickly. I am also proud that I can easily speak 4 languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Latvian and English. My second best strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer advisor at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. I easily became a good companion to all my colleagues. I can also say that I am very punctual person, I don’t like to get late and I don’t like when other people are late too. This would be one the most important strengths for managers as it shows how politely and responsible they are.

I'm currently perusing Management Practice course in CITC and it will surely help me to improve my management skills.

Financial institutes and Banks can offer funding loans for paying tuition fees for my future studies.

Personal and Professional development is important. Organisations need to create opportunities for different types of experiences and ensure people are nurtured. As people development involves moving people by one position to another, this means that learning will be needed; changing and learning are directly connected. One of the difficulties with learning, however, is that many people think they can get along without it. They either think that their knowledge is sufficient already, or they believe that they will learn by experience without any conscious effort. Needless to say, this views to hold in times of continual challenge, and new developments.

I think that many personal development skills in one way or another connected with professional and personal development: professional development develops personality. Therefore, the performance of personal development training is affecting human and professional growth while strengthening their professional skills and abilities.My personal development should take place through a series of types of planed experiences. The following list gives examples of some other types of development activities that I might use to meet my development needs:

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