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Volunteering peta organization. Benefits of volunteering. PETA meaning. PETA’s aim. Peta‘s methods. I‘d rather go naked than wear fur. Recent victories. PETA’s statistics. Encouraging statistic. Sad statistic experimenting on animals. Sad statistic. The reduction of cruelty. Questions and answers.

Makes contacts for possible employment; Gives teens a taste of responsibility; Lets see your own life in new ways.

Founded in March 1980 Has more than 3 million members and supporters*.

Learn new vocabulary: the rampant abuse - plačiai paplitęs piktnaudžiavimas.

Fully 97 percent of Americans are opposed to cruelty to animals. We don't need to explain to people why the abuse of animals is wrong; we just need to show people how their purchasing decisions can lead to cruelty.

All thing considered, PETA organization is dedicated to reduction of these sad statistics. So more and more people are joining PETA’s protests, and share generosity together. Only the unity and determination can help to save the animals.

What does it mean PETA? Ethical Treatment of Animals Educational Technology Association People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA organization has more than 3 thousand members and supporters. 2. PETA claims to be the largest animal rights group in the world. 3. PETA focuses its attention on the three areas. 4. The largest numbers of animals suffer in laboratories.

Fill in: people, free, mission, questioning, controversial.

Old/ young beagles* destined for painful poisoning tests in an Indian laboratory were saved. A caged lion/ tiger was exhibited* at a party for a hip-hop artist at Supperclub.

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