Peter the Great

Objective. Information. Experience. Tsar of All Russia — Tsardom of Russia. Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians — Russian Empire. Education and religion. Tutors — Nikita Zotov, Patrick Gordon, Paul Menesius. Accomplishments. References.

Full name Peter Alekseyevich Romanov  |  Born on 9 June 1672 in Moscow, Tsardom of Russia and died on 8 February 1725 (aged 52) in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire  |  Russian

To expand the territory of the country. Enhance the economy by industrial development. Westernize the country by extensive reforms in every aspect including industry, technology, administration, culture, commerce and technology. Modernize the army and navy.

Parents: Alexis of Russia and Natalya Naryshkina. Wives: Eudoxia Lopukhina and Catherine I. Children: with his two wives he had 14 children but only a few survived to adulthood. Alexei Petrovich (Tsarevich of Russia), Grand Duchess Natalia, Anna (Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp), Empress Elizabeth of Russia.

This helped to minimize the gap between modern western countries and Russia.

Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians — Russian Empire

Peter was educated by several tutors.

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