Pipeline Transport

Pipeline Transport. Content. Advantages. Disadvantages. Transported goods. Construction. Development. Operation. The Main Control Room. Technology. Leak detection systems. Types of pipelines by function. Gathering pipelines. Transportation pipelines. Distribution pipelines. Accidents. Quiz. Question. Answer. Question. Answer. Question. Answer. Question. Answer. Thank you for your attention.

Safe and reliable Economical and dependable Ability to handle large quantities Continuous flow Minimum transit loss Low energy consumption Low maintenance costs.

Oil Natural gas Water Ammonia Biofuels (ethanol & biobutanol) Hydrogen Coal and ore Salt Beer.

Distribution pipelines, second on size of use type, use almost all homes of users. It consists small diameter pipes. Used for taking products from supplier companies to users, such as hot or cold water, gas.

There are quite large variety of accidents that happens in pipeline transportation, it is most common target of vandalism, sabotage or even terroist attack, because it conveys flammable or explosive materials.

In this transport can happen not only accidents made my man hands, it can explode because of technical issues or bad maintenance. It requires precise watching over and operative issue finding and repair.

What type of pipe is claimed to be the oldest industrial pipe in the world?

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