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. Once upon a. He had a painful love like all teenagers. One day. Tom was very. Every morning he got up feeling increasingly depressed. He decided to withdraw from this meaningless life. He was about to jump off the bridge. Tom wrote a goodbye letter to his parents. Late on Monday evening he went to Rosewood Bridge. He was standing. He heard steps approaching behind his back. When he turned, he saw that his classmate Lisa was coming. “Don’t do that Tom, she isn’t worth it. “But what do I do? I love Lucy!” He shouted. “Tom, I love you. ” she whispered. “Please come down from the ledge. Tom looked at Lisa and dismounted from the ledge. “I always liked you. Thank you Lisa, you opened my eyes. Lisa took Tom's hand and they went home. The end.

One day, he was going home when he saw his girlfriend Lucy with his best friend.

Tom was very angry. He felt betrayed and hurt. This painful love broke his heart. It was his first love.

Every morning he got up feeling increasingly depressed. His world had become empty and eerie.

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