Planning an extended trip to Latvia

Planning an extended trip to latvia. Trip costs. Calculating fuel costs. Trip route. Our car „volkswagen passat“. Jurmala‘s sculpture „brunurupucis“.

This summer I and my best friend Mindaugas have decided to go on three days trip to Latvia‘s most beautiful places which I will describe in this article. First, what we are going to do is to prepare a car for a long road route. I am going to tell all the details of the trip during the course.

We have decided to go by 1999 year made Volkswagen Passat Universal which have got four doors, manual gearbox, five gears, 1.8 liter, 150 horse power diesel engine. Our car is very economic because the engine takes only 6 liter diesel for 100 hundred kilometres.

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  • Planning an extended trip to Latvia
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