Political instability impact on tourism

Turizmo referatas. Introduction. Crisis. Political instability. Political instability impact to tourism. Terrorism impact to tourism. Destination image. Post – crisis and implications in destination management. Partnership. Private sector. Public sector. DMO. Conclusion. Reference list.

Tourism is one of the leading industries in the world that significantly suffers from crisis and disasters (Leaf, 1995; Cooper et.al, 2008). That is why this literature review is aiming to analyse what is crisis, its lifecycle stages, the definition of political instability and its forms. Also, it is very important to get familiar with the impact of political instability to tourist destinations and different internal and external stakeholders. Analysis of post-crisis and destination management implications will be taken into consideration. Moreover, study of different stakeholders’ crisis management during different lifecycle stages and actions taken in order to minimise or even eliminate the impacts of political instability.

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  • Political instability impact on tourism
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