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Structure of the Atmosphere. Thermosphere. How does energy input to the earth surface vary across the globe. This Class. The “Greenhouse Effect”. The Earth’s surface. Electromagnetic Spectrum. Incoming. Shorter, high Energy wavelengths Hit the earths Surface. Incoming energy Is converted to heat. Longer, infrared Wavelengths hit Greenhouse gas Molecules in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gas Molecules in the Atmosphere emit Infrared radiation Back towards earth. 78% nitrogen 20 6%. Absorption Spectra of Atmospheric Gases. Anthes, p. Selected Greenhouse Gases. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Source Fossil fuel burning. Summary Greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation and prevent it from escaping to space. Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming. The “Greenhouse effect” & global warming are not the same thing. Climate Change vs. Variability. Even in a. Climate variability is natural. Global Energy Redistribution. Radiation is not evenly distributed over the Surface of the earth. The atmosphere and ocean transfer energy from low latitudes to high. Atmospheric Pressure Decreases With Height. Percent of mass of the atmosphere is within 6 km of the surface.
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